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for speed, flexibility and zero risk, choose a serviced office

What is a Serviced Office?

Serviced offices in the UK: a fast, flexible, fully furnished solution with phone, internet and power all included in the monthly rent. Sometimes, called managed office space, serviced offices are available on flexible, short-term licence agreements, with terms built around the needs of the tenant.

  • With business uncertainties caused by the Covid pandemic, serviced offices can offer a flexible, short term option instead of a long lease commitment.
  • Perfect answer for both start-ups and fast-growing businesses. If the number of people you employ is unpredictable, serviced office space in a UK City is almost certainly for you.
  • Time is of the essence: taking a serviced office in the UK is much quicker than conventional leased office space.
  • No financial track record required (unlike longer-term leases)
  • Simple Licence – no solicitors fees to pay.
  • Pay your deposit and move into your serviced office. No other upfront fees.
  • Take the size of space you need now– avoid paying now for more space you might need in future
  • Expand into a larger serviced office at short notice, when you are ready
  • All inclusive: phones, internet, furniture can all be included in the rent – simplifying your book-keeping

Serviced offices are an increasingly popular option for UK businesses who prioritise speed and flexibility.

Serviced office business centres can now be found right in cities throughout the UK.

Let us find you a serviced office in the UK

100% FREE service

Our UK City serviced office search is entirely free of charge for tenants.


We simply never release your contact details to any business centres or serviced office providers in the UK.

We will field all sales calls on your behalf and you will avoid being bombarded by unnecessary emails

Full market coverage

We’ll cover the whole market for managed office space in UK cities on your behalf, so there’s no need to look elsewhere.

Whether you are looking for overflow space, project space, your first office or a meeting room, we are perfectly placed to find it for you

Personal Service

A single point of contact to guide you through the whole process of finding serviced office space in UK cities.

Streamlined, rounded and hands-on!

Tailored to your needs

Avoid the scattergun approach! Tell us what type of serviced office you’re looking for and we’ll go out and find it for you – specifically matched to your requirements.

e.g. if you’re looking for luxury serviced offices with videoconferencing and a view of the Manchester skyline, just tell us and we”ll help you find it…

Vastly experienced

Expert advice from experienced serviced office consultants.

We work with businesses of all sizes, across every sector, including start-ups, SMEs, corporates and blue-chip companies.

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